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24 Sep 2021

The perfect tyres for Catalunya Bike Race


PIRELLI, official tyre sponsor of Catalunya Bike Race offers you the best tyres to ride during the three days of this sporting competition with the aim of reaching the finish line with all the guarantees.

Catalunya Bike Race is a three-day MTB individual stage race held in Puigcerdà (Girona). In 2021 it reaches its fourth edition, from 1 to 3 October, in an area in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees with emblematic landscapes and a multitude of fun trails on a route of approximately 194kms and 5740m+.

This stage race closes the Octagon Bike Race circuit in 2021, but not everything is done so far. You still have to overcome these three long days and if it is with Pirelli on your tyres, everything will be easier.

Puigcerdà has a mountainous climate where showers and thunderstorms are common on summer evenings. In October, late rainfall is less frequent, with rain throughout the day. It is still hot weather, so the terrain will be rather dry, although a few drops of rain are not ruled out over the course of the three days.

PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC M for the front wheel and PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC H for the rear wheel

For the three days, PIRELLI's best tyre choice is the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC M and the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC H. Both are the Italian company's most versatile tyres, with excellent grip and an optimal surface for pedalling without losing traction. They are the tyres best suited for XCM or stage events where you demand the most from your tyres day in and day out until the end of the race.

But both tyres work best on one wheel or the other, thanks to their particular characteristics. The PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC M is the front wheel tyre. It has more lug spacing for increased handling; the PIRELLI Scorpion™ XC H is the tyre for the rear wheel. A tyre for variable terrain but where speed is still a key aspect but also protection against punctures and a hard casing to avoid major unforeseen events.




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